Let’s talk about your company, your communication needs, the resources you have available and your experience and expectations. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your company’s circumstances. Our services include:

Communications with the German-speaking market The unfamiliar media scene, the cultural differences and the language barrier can all make German market entry difficult for foreign companies. Ann-Christin Zilling can help you by establishing contacts and by developing or adapting those aspects of your corporate messaging which are relevant to the German market. Ann-Christin’s services also include producing a media plan, performing ongoing media work, and attending exhibitions and events.

External press activities Communications are one of a company’s top priorities. Unfortunately, though, they’re often forced to take a back seat to all the other top priorities! Fast-growing companies, in particular, require solid internal and external communications to keep employees on board and to create an appropriate image in the market. Ann-Christin Zilling will work with you to lay the strategic foundations for consistent, genuine communication with your major target groups and to implement the resulting measures.

Coaching: helping your company to help itself In many small and medium-sized enterprises, PR is simply one of many tasks performed by employees with little or no media training. Ann-Christin Zilling offers on-site coaching for employees responsible for PR. Her task-based approach involves helping your staff to compile their own press distribution lists and produce their own communications concepts. This method is an efficient and motivating way for employees to acquire key skills, and yields results faster than theoretical knowledge gained from training seminars. Ann-Christin can also provide advice once the intensive phase is over and support you on out-of-the-ordinary projects.

Project support Exhibiting at a trade fair, organising the press area of your website, launching a new product, writing an article, organising a corporate event… there are many occasions for which support is needed at short notice. Such projects require experience, empathy, and flexibility – qualities in which we specialise!

Communication: more than background noise Are your routine communications working well, but don’t really shine? Could your corporate communications be described as “organic”? Do you suspect that your messaging could be improved in terms of efficiency, harnessing synergies, clarity and punch? Perhaps you’re looking for a creative idea for a campaign. Why not use Ann-Christin Zilling as your creative sparring partner?

This is just a small selection of the services Ann-Christin Zilling can offer, either for a monthly retainer or on a project basis.

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